About Me

Welcome to Rebel Nurse K!

I am so glad that you found your way to my website and blog! If you are looking for “not so main stream” health information you have come to the right place. If you are looking for advice and tips on how to stay healthy utilizing a more natural approach to managing your health and promoting wellness you have come to the right place. If you are searching for truths surrounding various health topics in a world of healthcare lies , you have definately come to the right place!

My name is Kimberlie Figg, herein known as Rebel Nurse K. Its nice to meet you! A little about me personally… I am a God loving girl, wife, Mama and Grammy. I am blessed with a beautiful family and a very full life and I truly couldn’t ask for more. But professionally, I am irritated! Highly irritated! So, let’s talk about that!

My Experience

Hard to believe that I have been a nurse for twenty years now! I graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a major in Nursing. I have loved being a nurse as it has allowed me to experience so many different things in my career. Some of my experiences have been wonderful, in that I have been able to truly help people when they were the sickest and at a time in their lives when they needed help and healing the most. Truly, my honor. In my 20 years of nursing, I have worked on a busy trauma unit, a cardiac telemetry unit, oncology unit, newborn nursery, labor and delivery and pediatric unit. I later became a nurse educator and left the floors of the hospital units to teach. I have taught natural childbirth education, CPR and eventually Nutrition and Diabetes Self Management . Along with being a Registered Professional Nurse, I became a Board Certified Clinical Diabetes Education Specialist and I continue to actively work in that role.

My earlier years of nursing were spent in the hospital setting but I eventually left the clinical setting and began my career in the medical device industry. I went to work for one of the largest medical device companies in the world and boy was this a culture shock! I went straight from a clinical setting to the extreme culture of business, marketing and prescription sales products. The company I worked for made insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors and my role there was to teach patients and healthcare providers how to use the devices and teach them how this therapy works. It was through this job that I was exposed to the “dark side” of the healthcare industry. It was through this job that I saw first hand that things often are not what they appear when it comes to FDA approvals, validity of published “ethical” studies and what kinds of things influence healthcare providers to prescribe and recommend products for patients. If I hadn’t of witnessed it with my own eyes and my own experience I likely would be one of the skeptics that are now what I call “main stream healthcare professionals ,” or “blind sheep.”

Simple Truth

So, why this blog? Good Question! It’s really quite simple and it comes down to simple truth. When I began to question the things I was witnessing at the company I was working at and began refusing to do the illegal /unethical things I was being asked to do, I quickly started experiencing harassment and retaliation by the company leaders. I left the company as a “whistleblower”, reporting them to the FBI. In all honesty, this in itself was an experience I could write a book about. It was a very stressful ordeal to put it mildly and the Federal government did end up prosecuting the case. You hear about these cases fairly often with big pharmaceutical and medical device companies being prosecuted for unethical practices and kick back illegal practices. As awful as it was to go through this , I will say it opened my eyes! I am de-programmed and awake! I learned to trust nothing in medicine without first researching it myself. Not all FDA approved products are legit. Not all studies submitted in order to get the FDA approval are legit. Not all Doctors and Nurses have your best interest at heart. Healthcare is an industry. It is a business and YOU make them big money! This is the simple truth.

Rebel Nurse K

Not too long ago, one of the Doctor’s I work with and I were having lunch and discussing vaccines. He is very “main stream medical” and I, at this point in my career am not. I have researched vaccines for years and we were definately having a robust conversation! He was a bit irritated that I wasn’t agreeing with his regurgitation of the “science” he had memorized and sarcastically said to me, “Well, aren’t you just the little Miss Rebel Nurse, eh?” I said to him, “I sure am!” Hence, Rebel Nurse K was born.

The purpose of my blog is to speak truth. We all deserve good solid information when it comes to our health and we simply can’t make good choices and have informed consent when we can’t trust our current broken healthcare system, big pharma, the medical industry, the government agencies that direct healthcare and the often unethical influences that some healthcare providers practice by. In this blog I will share with you my clinical expertise when it comes to traditional medicine but my goal is to provide you with alternative , holistic options when at all possible. The simple truth is, God has provided us with abundant resources to help us when we are sick and help us maintain our health. The pharmaceutical industry uses some of these resources when they make prescription medicines but used in their natural forms, without all the dangerous chemicals added to them, they are very healing. I will share with you all the ways I have learned to take care of my family and myself by focusing on immune health and a more natural/holistic lifestyle. I will share with you things your main stream healthcare team wont tell you. I will share with you the simple truth.

Proverbs 12:22 NLT

Be Well,

Rebel Nurse K